Faith And Reason seminars bring audiences face to face with today’s leading religious scholars. Through innovative lecture presentations, group discussion, and Q&A, audiences will gain unforgettable insight into the intersection of faith and public life.

Selected Past Seminars

Joan Chittister – “Spirituality, Self, & Society”

Houston, TX (2016) – Recording Available

“Houston: Confronting Poverty from the Heart of Faith”

Houston, TX (2015) – Recording Available

John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, & Joan Chittister – “Does Christianity Have A Future? Schism, Scandal and Loss of the Sacred”

Houston, TX (2014) – Recording Available

Amy-Jill Levine – “Jesus, Judaism, & Jewish-Christian Relations”

Austin, TX (2012)

John Dominic Crossan – “The Power of Parable”

Baton Rouge, LA (2012) – Recording Available

Richard Rohr – “The Change That Changes Everything”

Baton Rouge, LA (2011) – Recording Available

John Dominic Crossan & Joerg Rieger – “Radically Faithful: Passionate Christianity Confronting Empire & Savage Inequality”

Pasadena, CA (2010) – Recording Available