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I want to be a Generation Z!

Hey y’all!  It’s finally happening!  It may have ignited in the 60’s, but it has taken 2 more generations of breeding to produce a generation of awareness, acceptance of others, open-heartedness, and critical thinkers.  Finally, Generation Z “Will not accept what their hearts reject.”   In a recent Religion Dispatches article by Anita Little,“This Is How You Lose Them: Why “Generation Z” Won’t Be Flocking To Churches Anytime Soon,” churches insisting on clinging to “old traditional notions” are seen as hostile and aggressive.  Little says, “​It isn’t just “technology,” as White argues, it’s how Gen Z uses that technology to broaden its worldview and find value in belief systems beyond the walls of the church and Christianity itself. It may not always lead to disaffiliation, but it certainly contributes to it.”  Go ahead.  Read more.