John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger

Radically Faithful: Passionate Christianity Confronting Empire & Savage Inequality

​Highly regarded scholars and authors, John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger  co-presented "RADICALLY FAITHFUL: PASSIONATE CHRISTIANITY CONFRONTING EMPIRE & SAVAGE INEQUALITY” in a two-day seminar at All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA,  Friday October 8 and Saturday, October 9, 2010.  The two eminent scholars brought together two complementary, academic backgrounds with broad experience in research, teaching, writing and public lecturing. Dr. Crossan focused on historical Jesus as non-violent resistor to the economic exploitation of Imperial Roman ambition. Dr. Rieger addressed the history of Christianity's collaboration with empire and the thread of resistance that has been present across time and is expressed today in progressive Christian thought and action. 

October 8-9, 2010

Pasadena, CA

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