John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger

God & Imperial Power / Jesus & Economic Injustice

​In the FaithandReason® seminar, "GOD & IMPERIAL POWER: Jesus & Economic Injustice," held at First United Methodist Church in Richardson, TX, October 23-24, 2010John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger  , combine their formidable scholarly talents in a series of presentations that greatly expanded our awareness of the historic collusion between Christianity and the empires of the west from Jesus' non-violent program of resistance to Roman Imperialism under Augustus to the imperialistic "partnerships" we experience today in the 21st Century.  In this seminar John Dominic Crossan excavates the historical Jesus movement in a bright, clarifying light, replete with details about life on the Sea of Galilee under the imperial and economic domination of Herod Antipater (Rome's vassal king) against which Jesus boldly and resolutely rebelled. For most of us, this is very new, very provocative material. It is certain to stimulate deep re-thinking about what Christianity was and what it still could be. Joerg Rieger explicates the collaborativerelationship between Empire and Christianity that began with Constantine and the Councils of Nicea and continued all the way through the western European expansionism that made Christianity the agent of its cultural and economic domination of the Americas. Rieger is not afraid to interrogate Christianity behind the scenes. And yet, he says, down through this same history, there has continually been a Christianity "at the margins," a Christianity whose voice can be heard from the people who have known the underside, the shadow-side of empire.

October 23-24, 2009

Richardson, TX

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