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The Ten Commandments

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“It’s Almost Like Praying”

​Everyone who understands the compassion Jesus expressed for the suffering and struggle of people under the rule of the Roman Empire, can experience the horror and devastation of those people of faith suffering in Puerto Rico following the tragedy of hurricane Maria.  It was the marginalized people Jesus of Nazareth spoke to with empathy and hope.  As Christians and people of faith, we are called to do Christ’s work to seek justice...

Thinking Progressively

Let’s Hear It For The Girls!

​In a surprise decision, young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman granted women the right to drive; a significant expansion in women’s rights for Saudi Arabia.  The young Crown Prince sees his progressive campaign as a way to modernize his kingdom and boost the economy.  For the first time, men and women are being seen walking the streets, together, and bopping their heads to pop music.  Young girls in public schools, for...


The Normalization Of Insanity

National Catholic Reporter, an online magazine for Catholics and other people of faith, is the host site for Sister Joan Chittister’s FROM WHERE I STAND, a monthly post about issues affecting each of our lives.  In Sister Joan’s most recent post, The Normalization Of Insanity, she speaks the truth like no other religious person I know.    

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