Critical Thinking to Critical Action

We claim to be progressive in our faith; being progressive means to move beyond thinking critically (largely an intellectual activity) into real time pragmatic responses to economic and social injustice.

Here are some examples of actions you can take:

Equality for Women

In your own church, work with others to create gender inclusive or at least gender neutral liturgy, for instance, every time "He," or "Father" occurs in traditional texts, substitute "God." Insist on services and programming that welcome LGBT people, people of color and people of other faiths.

Be deliberate in creating gender-balanced clergy and volunteer staffing. The historical Church was built as a patriarchy. Jesus wouldn't want it. Mary wouldn't want it. Paul wouldn't want it. You can help change it.

Economic Justice

Get involved in a local organization that challenges unfair employment practices such as payday lending, wage theft, human trafficking, employer tactics to bust collective bargaining, etc. Explore the organizations in your area. Here are only a few such organizations that we met and worked with in the Confronting Poverty conference in Houston, Texas in 2014:

Political Voice

Prepare and empower your political voice. Your vote matters regarding issues like:

  • Public education
  • Gender-balancing in national and local politics
  • Economic policy and practice that addresses fairness in the work place
  • Commitments to a pluralistic culture
  • The protection of voting rights without regard to religion, sex and race.