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The Ten Commandments

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Little Children, Come Unto Me ... ASSAULT!

​I just about don’t have words for the savage, uncivilized, unenlightened, virulent, pietist, sanctimonious, deplorable, reprehensible, indefensible and iniquitous response people are offering to protect and justify ROY MOORE’S sexual assaults on teenage girls.  Well ... I guess I had a few words after all.  Daniel Schultz, writer for Religion Dispatches provides a clear explanation for the defense by Republican elected officials of Moore’s gross behavior and the...

Thinking Progressively

Will The Real Paul Please Stand Up

​Peter Laarman, in a recent article posted in Religion Dispatches, interviews John Dominic Crossan about the production of a new educational series, THE CHALLENGE OF PAUL.  David Dykes, Executive Director of The D. L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation, producers of FaithandReason® programs, has spent the past 3 years in production of this extraordinary and informative series on the Apostle Paul.  In partnership with Dom Crossan, his wife, Sarah, and The Dykes Foundation, THE...


The Normalization Of Insanity

National Catholic Reporter, an online magazine for Catholics and other people of faith, is the host site for Sister Joan Chittister’s FROM WHERE I STAND, a monthly post about issues affecting each of our lives.  In Sister Joan’s most recent post, The Normalization Of Insanity, she speaks the truth like no other religious person I know.    

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