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The Ten Commandments

From Executive Director David Dykes:


A whole new, rapidly growing, demographic of our society is now identifying itself as “spiritual, but not religious;” some are referring to it as the “Nones.” This fact of American life encourages me. Religion should point to faith; but regrettably, much, maybe most of religion has replaced faith with sets of beliefs to be “faithfully” held. It’s easy to see the confusion between being “faithful” to a set of rigidly held beliefs and actually...

Thinking Progressively

The Election And The Over-Soul

​What in the world is going on?  What is happening to us?  Help me find my soul’s center.  Paul Berman writes for various magazines, including Tablet magazine, a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas and culture.  In his article, “The Election And The Over-Soul; Mystic emanations and a path forward, in democracy’s wake,” is insightful and offers options for all of us.  Take a look.  


White Evangelicalism / A Religious Frankenstein

​Religion Dispatches is an online magazine, a “gold mine,” for articles addressing timely issues “at the intersection of religion, politics and culture.”  Brandi Miller, a writer for Religion Dispatches, is done with white evangelicals and offers an eye-opening “Dear John” letter that brings a fresh perspective into the heart of our nation.  YOU’VE GOT TO READ THIS.  

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