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The Ten Commandments

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​Well, well ... A new princess is in the making!  Prince Harris is shaking up the castle like a wet dog after a bath!  And “the royal great-grandma” said, OK!  Prince Harry’s girlfriend is not just gorgeous, she’s “a plucky Jewish-African-American actress!”  Here is what Table Magazine, a daily online magazine of Jewish news, writes about Ms. Meghan Markel.   

Thinking Progressively

MOTHER’S DAY ... Bittersweet

​Since March of 2010, Mother’s Day has been a day that brings a dense fog that enshrouds my heart.  Now, after 7 years, I dance freely in the clear light of day, having moved on with my life, able to think of my own mother with gratitude and love.  Tablet Magazine, a daily online magazine of Jewish news, has posted a heartfelt story of a young soon-to-be Jewish mother struggling with the disappointments in...


The Normalization Of Insanity

National Catholic Reporter, an online magazine for Catholics and other people of faith, is the host site for Sister Joan Chittister’s FROM WHERE I STAND, a monthly post about issues affecting each of our lives.  In Sister Joan’s most recent post, The Normalization Of Insanity, she speaks the truth like no other religious person I know.    

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