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The Ten Commandments

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Sr. Joan Chittister

As seen on Oprah Network's Super Soul Sunday!

Fr. Richard Rohr

As seen on Oprah Network's Super Soul Sunday!

From Executive Director David Dykes:

My Wife Has Breast Cancer.

​We know there is suffering going on around us. Print media, television and the internet provide a steady stream or steady multiple streams reporting every imaginable human agony. And the images are right there before us, leaning into our faces. Images of terror and horror stack up in our brains. In our minds, we can reach out and touch faces distorted by grief and shock. Yet, no matter how deeply we empathize, and we do,...

Thinking Progressively

The Blood of Poverty Stains All Our Hands

​“As I’ve indicated, the police-community dysfunctional relationship is a symptom of the fact that we’ve segregated disadvantaged families in communities where there’s little hope and little opportunity.”  Andrew Aghapour, Associate editor of Religion Dispatches, interviews Richard Rothstein, research associate at the Economic Policy Institute in this illuminating article. CLICK HERE  to read the article in full.  


Why Go To Church If You Don’t Believe Anymore?

Religion Dispatches continues to be one of the nation’s most outstanding resources for articles and conversations about religion.  Recently Angela Bonavoglia posted an article that is both thought provoking and heart warming.  As a “lapsed and lost” catholic she is where so many find themselves today who were once active and present in a faith community.  I believe most of us are still drawn to the mystery of faith unburdened by...

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