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The Ten Commandments

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Overthrowing Plutocrats

​What lies at the heart of social violence?  Peter Laarman is a United Church of Christ minister and activist who recently retired as executive director of Progressive Christians Uniting in Los Angeles. He remains involved in numerous justice struggles, in particular a campaign known as Justice Not Jails that calls upon faith communities to critique and combat the system of racialized mass incarceration often referred to as The New Jim Crow.  In Peter’...

Thinking Progressively

Rise up! Resist! Get With It!

​We can always count on Joan Chittister, OSB, to encourage us to “lift the wool from our eyes” and think critically about our faith, politics, politicians, and the purpose of government operating with (or without) an ethical moral center.  In her recent article published by The National Catholic Reporter, Sister Joan the “gross art of the power grab” and it’s affect on our “spiritual DNA.”  Sr. Joan directly addresses the disease of “...


The Normalization Of Insanity

National Catholic Reporter, an online magazine for Catholics and other people of faith, is the host site for Sister Joan Chittister’s FROM WHERE I STAND, a monthly post about issues affecting each of our lives.  In Sister Joan’s most recent post, The Normalization Of Insanity, she speaks the truth like no other religious person I know.    

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