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The Ten Commandments

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Sending Up Flares

​Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a WOMAN AMONG WOMEN.  Imagine devoting your life to the day-in-day-out challenge of healing the incapacitated, severely injured “cast away” children, “shell shocked” (PTSD) veterans, families, and civilian individuals; individuals who have seen and experienced horrors beyond human capability.  This is the warmhearted life of Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  For those concerned about our present time, Estes’ article,“We Were Made For These Times,”that appears online in Alumni...

Thinking Progressively


​Sister Joan Chittister, OSB (Order of Saint Benedict) writes,“To have a friend is to acknowledge that some part of someone else’s life which we have held tenderly, trustingly in our own hands might well die with us.  Where does grief for the dead come from, in fact, if not from the anger and sense of abandonment that emerges from the realization that some part of ourselves has been taken away from us...


What Does The Lord Require Of Me?

​There is a collective voice building across the world.  This is the voice of justice.  Her roar has reawakened, as history has shown, during approaching times of radical injustice.  Rachel Rosenthal, a PhD candidate in Rabbinic Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and writer for Tablet Magazine, says in her article, Reconciling Political Protest And The Day Of Rest In The Era Of Trump, “Like keeping Shabbat, speaking out against...

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