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The Ten Commandments

From Executive Director David Dykes:

Our Fetish For Secrecy: A Silent Population

​ David R. Dykes The media frenzy over reports of government listening in on phones and hacking into computers and the controversy surrounding Snowden’s “wikileaking” is, to say the least, disturbing. How seriously should we be taking these reports? Fact is, national security is serious business, and we, as citizens of a democratic government and people of religious faith, should examine these issues with clear and, I believe, self-critical eyes. Our government is a system,...

Thinking Progressively

Peter Laarman in Religion Dispatches, “Forget Conservatives, Can ‘Piketty Porn’ inspire the Left?”

​ Peter Laarman, “pulls back the sheets” with his recent article in Religion Dispatches,“Forget Conservatives, Can ‘Piketty Porn’ Inspire the Left?”Peter stirs provocative thought with statements such as, “The real danger for faith leaders is, quite naturally, a lack of faith. And what we see among religious types who are willing to serve as the Democratic Party’s handmaidens is precisely this lack of faith. Instead of faith that a real struggle from below...


Joerg Rieger: Bible vs. Status Quo

Dr. Joerg Rieger, Wendland-Cook Professor of Constructive Theology at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX Progressive Christians often find themselves confronted with questions about the authority of Scripture, especially those of us who live in the regions that have become known as the “Bible Belt.” Dealing with this issue can be quite tedious and frustrating, especially since it is often unclear what the alternatives are.Perhaps the most wearisome question in this...

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